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Improvements to Order Group View


We currently receive hundreds of orders per day and this number is increasing month on month.

When we view any Order Group view the UI is slow to load because of the number of orders that are being retrieved and displayed. It would be very beneficial to have:

- Pagination
- Allow user to select the number of orders per page e.g (25,50,100,All) - these values should probably be configurable
- Add a Date Period of 'Yesterday'

I hope these suggestions will be considered.

Many thanks

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  • AdminSupport (Support, uCommerce) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The LUX Framework aims to make extensibility easier and more granular than what's the case today. You'll be able to create all cockpits (like today) and new property editors at the lowest level (like today), and also add new sections to existing UIs (this is the big one).

    It's all done in Angular 2 and Twitter Bootstrap 4 using Google Material Design Guidelines to make sure there's a stringent form to OOTB cockpits as well as clear guidance to app developers.

    As for the timeframe, I always shy away from sharing deadlines as more often than not I end up being wrong :)

    LUX is one of two main priorities for the product team. We are a few sprints and have a working prototype of the framework, which needs more core capabilities implemented like dialogs, validations, and other core services. Once done we will proceed to building PIM cockpits followed by OMS cockpits.

    With the current progress the LUX framwork should be completed at the end of Q2 with the first PIM cockpits to be shipped in beginning Q4.

    I have to caveat all that by saying that while the priority of LUX will not change, I cannot guarantee any of the timeframes.

  • Al Higgs commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Soren,

    Do you have any timescales for the "finished" version of the LUX framework? Also, are you using a standard HTML/CSS framework so that is easy for developers to extend and contribute towards?


  • AdminSupport (Support, uCommerce) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Al,

    We are working an a brand the back-end UI, which will include a new OMS experience. Focus is on bringing everything to the client and dealing with large amounts of information.

    The LUX framework is actively being worked on at the moment with first priority to ship new PIM experiences and OMS as the next priority.

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