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Automatic Exchange Rates / Price Group Values

It doesn't look like uCommerce can automatically lookup exchange rates on-demand or at least daily. Is there a third party add-on for this? Will it be supported in future versions of uCommerce?

I believe that this is the case for uCommerce:

* The currency specified in Product Catalog (ie. USD), is the currency that product prices are pegged to
* Customers are allowed to choose which currency they wish to view the price as. This helps conceptualise the price in local currency
* When paying, the payment gateway is fed the the price (ie. in USD),
** Optional: and can be fed the users currency, for seamless payment

[My Request]
I would like to see...

* The ability to support all currencies (I'm selling software, which can distribute anywhere there is internet). As new currencies are detected, they are added?
* A check box, to determine whether to automatically determine exchange rate (per each currency)

This would allow customers from all over the world to see the price in their local currency. As Soren pointed out in http://our.umbraco.org/projects/website-utilities/ucommerce/ucommerce-support/10309-Exchange-Rates-Automatic-Integration, there is still value in being able to set specific values for key price groups, but then the rest which are not specified should just derive from another price group.

Thanks :)

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